Pet Therapy at Peabody

Our volunteer program welcomes Pet Therapy to Peabody weekly and you are going to love this…

Meet Bailey, an 8 years old Shiatzu/Yorkie…

His owner is Volunteer, Ken Allaby. He has been volunteering w/ Bailey for about 1 year. Bailey is part of the “Alliance of Therapy Dog” (Therapy Dog, Inc.). Bailey you will see is a bit of a star, a cover model of sorts. He was featured on the cover of FCS The Magazine in the Spring of 2017. The volunteer program at the Villages Cancer Center in Florida highlighted the benefit of pet therapy and is quoted here by author, Kim Harris Thacker stating, “It’s no secret that dogs and humans are suited for companionship. Study after scientific study demonstrates the many benefits of human-dog interaction, one of which is an increase in oxytocin, a powerful human hormone.” Read more about Bailey here in his big debut…Puppy Love. Beyond Bailey, we have had the privilege of witnessing this at Peabody Home for quite some time, as we have been prideful and engaged in pet therapy for more years than we can count. Did you have the privilege of meeting Gideon, the mini-goat that frequently visited our residents for years…among others like the Mini Horse named Stella as well as our own resident house cats, Lola & Pacy.

Gideon has a story of his own, at birth, he was born with a congenital heart problem, not expected to live beyond 2 months. Needing to remain bottle fed, loved and cared for due to his limited endurance, the “grandmother” population at Peabody Home took him right in. Our residents enjoyed sharing his feedings at 10am and 2pm while he was here with his human Mom.

Gideon lived 9 months, as you can see the Pet Therapy in this case had a dual affect to quality of life outliving his diagnosis. He responded well when residents would pet him, his eyes would glaze over with relaxation and contentment. Gideon, with his human like demeanor would look into their eyes, nearly smile, and respond unconditionally to any attention he received. In return, he delighted the residents with his antics which made people smile. He helped residents develop moments of joy with a sense of purpose, compassion and love.

Peabody is so happy to have volunteers like Bailey and Gideon, and encourage and welcome others to reach out to us if you wish to join in our Pet Therapy and volunteer program.

Franklin (BPW) selects Mariah Gauthier as 2019 Young Careerist

Mariah Gauthier, Director of Dietary Services at the Peabody Place in Franklin, NH, was selected as the 2019 Young Careerist by the Franklin Business and Professional Women’s Group. She was recognized at an awards dinner held at Onions Restaurant in Tilton, NH on February 20. Gauthier gave a speech at the meeting on the selected topic, “Discuss how the women’s rights movement is still alive today. Why is it still important?”

Gauthier received awards and gifts at the meeting including a bouquet of pink roses from Marshall’s Florist, a plaque, a certificate, a $100 check, and a red purse signifying pay equity.

Gauthier has volunteered at the Bread and Roses Soup Kitchen in Franklin and participated in the Franklin Savings Bank Charity Softball Tournament as well as Community Day in Franklin for the Peabody Home. She is a graduate of Franklin High School and has attended New Hampshire Technical Institute working toward an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration. She recently purchased a home in Franklin.

In September 2019, Gauthier will compete for the New England Young Careerist title at the New England BPW Past State President’s Association meeting in Rhode Island.

Read more about Maria on our leadership team page.

Cheryl Barnes RN, our Director of Nursing Services, Receives Prestigious Award by the National Association

One of our most hardworking nurses, Cheryl Barnes RN, was recently recognized as the Nurse Leader for 2018 in the Nation’s Northeast Region.

The award was presented by Lynn Beede, BSN RN, the Director of Nursing Services of Coos County Nursing Home in Berlin, NH and the President of the NH Chapter of the National Association of Directors of Nursing Administration (NADONA).

NADONA is the largest organization representing nurses working in long-term and post-acute care settings in the United States and Canada.

NADONA strives to be the leading force for nurses and healthcare professionals through education, professional development, and clinical expertise. For one to receive the 2018 Nurse Leader of the Year Award, they must show dedication and valuable contributions to the field of long-term care and be an active member of the NADONA organization.

During the presentation, Lynn stated, “This is a highly competitive and prestigious award and it is my honor to present this to Cheryl, who is highly deserving of this award.”

Thanks to Cheryl’s compassion over the past 20 years, our residents have had the best care and attention they could receive. Cheryl’s leadership and knowledge extend upon her being there —you can see the care and respect throughout all of our staff members.

Peabody Home is a nursing home in Franklin, NH that takes pride in the nursing, assisted living and independent care services it provides to their residents, family, and friends.

Hospice Care: What does that mean?

Hospice care does not mean “no care because the person is diagnosed with a terminal illness.” Hospice is the name given to the way people are choosing their end-of-life care. It is the focus of the “team,” healthcare and family, to relieve the stress and symptoms of a terminal illness.

Peabody partners with multiple Visiting Nurses Associations in our service area to provide hospice care to an individual during their stay at Peabody. The team at Peabody Place provides 24/7 care along with the volunteers and nurses from the VNA Hospice. In the setting of Peabody Hospice services can be most beneficial to the family. Some of those services include spiritual support, social worker assistance and a liaison between the caregivers the Hospice team. The connection with the hospice team does not end at the death of your loved one. The hospice team provides ongoing support to the family after the death.

One of the true strengths of Peabody Place is the ability to help the family navigate through a very confusing time. We will listen to what you want for your loved one, then give you the tools to make “informed” decisions. That decision may include staying with us, staying at home or some other alternative.

The team here can help you. Contact us today.